Our Programs


Our Programs

Camp Fire SD offers quality programs reflective of best practices in our Core Program Areas: Caring, Camping, Contributing and Connecting.

Camp Fire Builds Caring, Confident Youth and Future Leaders.

The essence of Camp Fire SD is reflective of the mission, core values, and the quality of the Camp Fire experience. In Camp Fire, youth find a fun and inclusive place with caring adults committed to providing a positive youth development setting. It's a place where children form lasting relationships, develop a sense of belonging and are actively involved in their own learning.

We provide day camps, resident camps and outdoor education programs so children and youth have outdoor opportunities to learn, explore and play together, while developing a lasting appreciation for the environment. Camp Fire SD contributes to the community by helping young people build life skills through relevant educational, enrichment and service-learning programs.

With Camp Fire SD, youth have life-enhancing experiences and develop assets that are essential to their future.